MIT has established a number of collaborative links with various local and overseas universities and organizations. Locally, it collaborates with Mekelle University’s Ethiopian Institute of Technology (formerly called Faculty of Technology) and the College of Natural and Computational Sciences in sharing faculties and resources.

Other organizations that support MIT by providing employment opportunities to its outstanding graduates include: Information Network Security Agency, National Security Agency, Almeda Textile PLC, Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation, and Electricity and Power Corporation, among others.

Of the most fruitful collaborative links with overseas institutions includes the links with: North Carolina Central University (NCCU) and Wheaten College, USA and Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B), India. Faculty visits, faculty development, and technical and professional support activities are being realized through these collaboration. The NCCU has provided five MIT faculties with graduate education opportunities since 2008. An expert from IIT-B has helped MIT in its endeavor to develop the Biological and Chemical Engineering program launched last October.