Student Projects

2011/12 Student Research Projects

Students of the Institute are required to undertake one summer, one mini and another senior project for graduation. Following are the various tools and products developed by students, many of which have the prospect of commercialization.

2011/12 Student Projects
Automatic Electricity Billing Using GSM Modem Digital Communications Simulator
Fast Image Compression Using ASWDR Geez Text-to-Speech Synthesis
GSM Based Digital Notice Board Improved Content-Based Image Processing
Simulation of CDMA with Gold Codes Visual Object Tracking using Particle Filter
Image Based Automatic Exam Marker Real-time Face and Facial Features Detection;
Secured Voice Over IP (SVOIP) Implementing Image-Based Steganography and Cryptography in Conjunction
Secure Local E-Mail Transfer Network Packet Sniffer
Security System for DNS Using Cryptography Optical Character Recognition, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) for Web Transaction
Face recognition Attendance and Payroll Management System, Virus and Anti-Virus Programming
Defending Denial of Service Attack Intruder Detection Using Video and Sound for Security
Controlling Converter System Breaking Wireless Electricity
Speed Control of Stepper Motor Using AVR ATMEGA32 Microcontroller Metal Detecting Robot
Content-Based Image Retrieval with Matlab GSM-Based System Design for Industrial Automation
Design and Implementation of Microcontroller-Based Single Phase Cycloconverter and Protection.